The Angelic Empire Q’RATH

The Angelic Empire

The Q’rathi Empire is a project in unifying a bitterly divided and damaged world through a healing truth and ever-expanding social organism. This is achieved by an Imperial State and armies empowered and led by actual Angels from the heavens.

Q’RATH Immortals

Q’RATH Immortals


Arash of Reclamation
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Arash of Deliverance
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Orzum Vanguards

Orzum Vanguards

Exalted Warrior Zentari


Those whose fury yet burns are given the mail and blade of the Zentari. Translating to “Those-who-are-the-sword”, Zentari serve Orzum as living weapons of the Empire. Initially a ceremonial guard to the Throne of Aros, the disappearance of the Godhead and the ascension of Orzum as Regent Imperium saw the order reforged for dedicated assault. Standing ten feet tall and clad in three layers of consecrated platemail, the Zentari are literal juggernauts, who wade effortlessly into the thick of battle.

Unit TypeKey Ability
Heavy MeleeBlessed Fervor

Dominion Enforcer Scepter


It is said that Orzum’s prayer hung in the charged air of the Empty Throne, winding its way across the long-stretched heavens to the Godhead. It is whispered that Aros, moved by the oath of its scion, granted one last boon to its distant sun. Thus, from rumbling light and halls-rung-hard-as-bells, did emerge a new line of angel, woven from fresh-spun fire, clad in star-tempered armor, before the Arash of Reclamation. To Orzum they spoke thus:

“Orzum, Scion of the Godhead and Regen Imperium, heed these words, for they are Aros. Be known that we are the Scepter, symbol of your righteous reign, the mark of a new covenant between the Third of Sha’mesh and First Arash. Know that you are the crown and the bulwark, living citadel of the Empire, and the bane of the barbarian. As you strike forth, we shall be the bite of your blade, the weight of your scepter. Where you decree, we shall smite from this world.”

Unit TypeKey Ability
Heavy AirRegent's Wrath

Ajari Vanguards

Ajari Vanguards

Exalted Savior Sao’shin


Bearing the namesake of Priest-Queen Saos of the pre-Q’rathi realm of Hhin, the Sao’shin are one of the few remnants of the world before the Godhead Aros and its lineage descended from the heavens. Today, the ranks of the Sao’Shin are bolstered by those that pass the Kor’Shar trails through their boundless and unrelenting compassion. Clad in heavy armor unwieldy to normal humans, these exalted souls cast themselves into battle, raising up the souls of the lost from the clutches of the damned. The Saoshin replaces the Magi.

Unit TypeKey Ability

Salvation Shrine Ark Mother

Ark Mother

During the founding, there were those among the vaunted caste of Shar’myz who were so moved by Ajari’s devotion to the mortal and the heathen that they left the vaunted halls of the Acropolis to dwell amongst the Empire’s early denizens. To protect Q’rath’s human subjects from their tempestuous light, these wayward Shar’myz contain their essence in reinforced war shrines. So concentrated is this sacred compassion that creation actively recoils from violence in its vicinity. Those that would seek to profane these sacred vessels find themselves and their attacks physically repelled. In times of trial, the war shrines, called Arks, open, unleashing a storm of roiling light, parting arrow and spell from faithful soldier.

Unit TypeKey Ability
Support DislodgerOrdained Passage

Q’RATH Units

Q’RATH Units
  • mote
  • sipari
    Heavy Melee
  • zephyr
    Ranged Infantry
  • magi
    Support/Zone Control
  • dervish
    Angelic Skirmisher
  • absolver
    Ranged Zone Control
  • hallower
  • castigator
  • sentinel
    Air Superiority Fighter/Support
  • warden
    Assault Flier
  • Throne
    Greater Angel
  • Chariot
  • Sharu
    Superiority Caster

Q’RATH Structures

Q’RATH Structures
  • Acropolis
    City Center
  • Apostle of Binding
    Ether Collector
  • Legion Hall
    Infantry Structure
  • Reliquary
    Infantry Tech Structure
  • Soul Foundry
    War-Shrine Structure
  • House of the Fading Saints
    War-Shrine Tech Structure
  • Angelarium
    Flier Structure
  • Bearer of the Crown
    Exalted Tech Structure
  • Eye of Aros
    Exalted Tech Structure

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