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Arash of Deliverance


  • Shael

  • Q’RATH

  • Low


Ajari, Daughter of the Dawn Constellation, embodies the more compassionate elements of the Q’rath Empire and its Godhead, Aros. Ajari began her reign over humans by healing and teaching the apocalypse-ravaged tribes during the Founding Period. Under her care, the Empire’s population grew in number and strength, eager to push outward and reclaim their world from bandit, warlord, and beast.

Unwilling to watch her charge perish on the battlefield, Ajari founded the Order of Deliverance, an elite caste of warriors, priests, and angels dedicated to safeguarding the faithful in trying times. In all of the Empire’s history, there are few times as trying as now.

The Sacred City of Urah battles heresy within its own walls, even as the frontier provinces come under siege by old foes and strange new enemies. For the first time in centuries, the Arash of Deliverance brings herself to the front lines in all of her power. For without the faithful, there can be no Empire.

Passive Ability

Mending Grace

Units entering Hallowed Ground after a period of time receive a burst of healing, then heal slowly overtime.

Active Ability

Summon Citadel

Place a durable defensive tower on the ancient foundations found throughout the battlefield. These serve as critical defense points, and heal nearby allies while they are out of combat.

Active Ability

Heavens Aegis

All allied units gain two Barriers which last until the unit takes damage. (Barriers consume one instance of incoming damage, no matter how much damage it is.)

Active Ability

Deliver from Evil

While the spell is active, any allied units in the target area gain +50 bonus shields, including units entering the area.
After 3 seconds, allied units in the target area are teleported to the player’s closest Town Hall.

Active Ability


Ajari manifests for 20 seconds to save nearby units from death. Instead of allied units dying, pyre is spent teleporting them to Ajari with 25% life.

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