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Prophet of the Hunt


  • Nuath

  • ARU

  • Hard


The only Prophet to be born after the Red Flower Rites, Xol prides herself as Laculathon’s greatest weapon. Uniquely not reliant on Laculathon’s connection, Xol leads hunting expeditions far beyond the rootway’s natural borders, bringing back spoils of treasure, meat, and blood. The Prophet’s leadership speaks of a new, coming transformation, one where the Worthy cast off the weaknesses of their ancestors, becoming the true harbingers of life and death. This “Greatest Hunt” visits Xol in her dreams, drawing ever closer to the waking realms. Soon, the denizens of Creation will be tested, and it will be Xol who will determine who is truly Worthy.


Stalker's Sense

Xol’s troops are empowered with keen senses, increasing their vision range by 1.

Active Ability

Construct Grove Guardian

Create a powerful defensive structure on a Tower Foundation.

Active Ability

Prophet of The Hunt

Summon Xol to hunt your enemies. Xol marks enemies to be harvested for trophies, speeds up temporarily every second shot, and pierces foes every third shot. Levels up the more trophies are harvested.

Active Ability

Hunting Grounds

Target an area. Units in the area become Hidden and deal bonus damage on their first attack. Enemies attacked by units in the area are marked for trophy harvesting. The Hunting Grounds will disappear 5 seconds after any unit inside the circle attacks.

Active Ability

Great Hunt

Summon Xol to begin a hunt. After a short delay enemy units have reduced vision and Friendly units gain movement speed. All Friendly units gain an attack speed buff upon killing an enemy.


Summon Blood Well

Summon a Blood Well. Blood Wells create Rootway and regenerate the health and blood of nearby allied units.

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Xol Vanguards

Xol Vanguards

Ceremonial Slayer Bone Stalker

Bone Stalker

Where the fraternal tribes of masked hunters jostle, peacock, and strut, each seeking the attention and affections of high-ranking females, the Bone Stalkers sit in meditative silence, each individual possessed by visions of future hunts. Their births prophesized by Xol in anticipation of the Great Hunt, these individuals belong to the fearsome Aru strain of “Icta’Nuat,” or “those that take the bone.” Bone Stalkers possess the ability to control their metabolism, sex drive, and sensory input, allowing them to stand stone-still for days. In this meditative state, the Covenant of Bone is invoked, and light itself is fooled by the God Tree, hiding the stalkers from view. Only when their victims draw close to the Bone Stalkers break their vigil, moving with unnerving speed and striking with lethal precision.

Unit TypeKey Ability

Living Wraith White Wood Reaper

White Wood Reaper

With Xol’s birth came a strange advent, the next sign in a string of prophecies put forth by Mala: the birth of the first albino Aru. Regarded by their kin with fear and reverence, the “Icta’Nuat” represent the Aru’s promised afterlife, the White Wood: a realm where the balance between the living and the dead is so complete that no divide exists at all. Chief among this new strain of exalted hunters are the Icta’Nuat’Tzlaka, or “Bone-Takers from the White Wood.”

Born sterile, sexless, and mature, the White Wood Reapers embody Laculathon’s vision for the Covenant of Bone: an ultimate hunter unburdened by mortal needs. Reapers possess a unique blend of hunting instincts and senses sourced from over a dozen species, and are gifted weapons and armor made from Laculathon’s internal organs. Those that are cut by these weapons have their consciousness temporarily joined to the Reaper that wounded them, granting the hunter an intimate knowledge of the quarry’s anatomy, emotional state, and physical location.

Unit TypeKey Ability
SkirmisherLethal Bond