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Prophet of Blood


  • Nuath

  • ARU

  • Medium


Once a Zenith Lord within the Pillared Kingdoms of Iratek, visions of the sylv now known as Mala forged a new purpose for the failing Zenith Clans. Upon a mountain of ruins and blood-slaked stone, Laculathon spoke to Her Chosen Daughter.

It was by Mala’s hand that the Three broke from the Nine to make pilgrimage to Latchatca (or “Root Mountain”) and underwent the Red Flower Rites that transformed them into Root Witches. Over the next two centuries, the Blood Prophet’s teachings gave rise to the Order of the Red Seers, daughters deemed worthy by Laculathon. Aru warbands under Mala’s command fight with supernatural zeal, wielding powers derived directly from the Blood Mother Herself.


Mother's Hunger

Get Exalted Blood when a unit dies near a Blood Well (based on population.)

Active Ability - Tower

Construct Grove Guardian

Create a powerful defensive structure on a Tower Foundation.

Active Ability

Red Harvest

Summons Mala’s spectre. Units that die near Mala spawn Quitl and give Blood.

Active Ability

Prophet's Favor

Within the area, Mala spends her Blood to permanently enhance her warriors.

Active Ability

Rain of Blood

Rains blood from the sky for 30 seconds. Massively increase global life and mana regeneration for allied troops. The Player gains Exalted Blood for every enemy warrior killed during the duration.


Summon Blood Well

Summon a Blood Well. Blood Wells create Rootway and regenerate the health and blood of nearby allied units.

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