Explore Creation with the IMMORTAL Lore Book!

Explore Creation with the IMMORTAL Lore Book!

Long ago, there was the God-Star Pyre, forged by gods whose names have long been lost to time. In its light, three worlds formed and, in time, birthed life: arid Shael, verdant Nuath, and shattered Xur. The long eons saw proud civilizations rise and lay claim to their birthright. Magic, technology, and divine power connected these disparate peoples through an elaborate network of gateways and grand monuments.

In their pride and greed, the Ancient Nations, Rae and Naz’ra turned on one another, plunging all of creation into the fires of war. Oceans boiled, mountains were wrenched from their foundations, and the bloodied skies came crashing down. In the ash of the apocalyptic Elder Wars, the gates flickered, and grew silent.

Years turned to epochs, and life laid claim to these scarred worlds once again. In the bones of dead empires, new civilizations rise, seeking long-lost relics and new futures. Now, for the first time in an era, the Ancient Gates have broken their silence. A new generation has come to lay claim to elder race legacies and doing so, become… Immortal.

In this free PDF, you can finally enter Creation and learn of its inhabitants. For now, only the Q’rath Empire and the Root Witches of the Aru are listed, but there is more to come. Creation is vast and the wonders and perils contained within are beyond counting.

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  • Sunspear Games
  • Jonathan Salamanca