IMMORTAL RPG: Jora Mini-Setting

IMMORTAL RPG: Jora Mini-Setting

Play as Joran ruin delvers in this free RPG supplement!

The world of Creation is vast and deeply developed. There is much to learn—and what better way to learn than to step foot onto Shael yourself?

Delve into dark and ancient places as a band of runepunk Joran explorers in this mini-setting for the Savage Worlds game system! As citizens of the Iron Republic of Jora, you are used to overcoming adversity through grit and ingenuity. Primed for a position of power with the mass-production of reality-warping runic technology, the Republic is ready for war.

Can you maneuver the seedy underbelly of the Iron Republic and avoid the angelfire of the holy Q’rath Empire? Or will you succumb to the dark secrets of the Ancient Rae?

Download the free IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre RPG supplement today!

This mini-setting is not a complete game. You will need a copy of the Savage Worlds core rulebook to play; purchase the PDF from Pinnacle Entertainment or DriveThruRPG.

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  • DoctorBoson
  • Donavon Bailey
Designer at SunSpear Games